Tips on Choosing a Grand Fir Christmas Tree 2017


If you want to get your dad a great gift this Christmas, which is complemented by other gifts you are planning to buy to other family members or even to close relatives, you need to choose the right grand fir Christmas tree. Every Christmas tree is different, coming with unique features and benefits for your needs. However, a grand fir tree has certain traits that make it the best choice when it comes to Christmas trees.

This is your complete guide on how to choose the right Christmas tree for you to accommodate all the beautiful presents you are planning to surprise your dad and the rest of the family with.

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How To Choose The Right Grand Fir Christmas Tree – Things to Consider

Types of Christmas Trees

At this point, you might be wondering why we have put the emphasis on grand fir trees. Truth be told, this type of tree is perfect for ornaments and presents. Due to its compact shape, this tree offers a good balance of individual branches and promotes a clean and tidy design.

Grand Fir Christmas Tree

Nevertheless, the final decision is yours, so there are other types of Christmas trees you need to be aware of. Each species of tree has certain traits that have made it popular. Here are some of the most popular species of Christmas trees based on the shape and branch density

Fraser Fir: the most popular Christmas tree in North America, the fraser fir tree features 1 inch long needles and a sweet, slightly pungent smell.

Noble Fir: this is a great choice for heavy ornaments thanks to its rigid branches.

Douglas Fir: the 1.5 inches long needles radiate in all directions. However, due to the low needle retention, this is not the best choice you can make in terms of Christmas tree.

Balsam Fir: the scent of crushed needles is astounding and lasts a long time.

Grand Fir: featuring flat needles and a conical shape, this tree is much softer to the touch, making it the best Christmas tree when it comes to decorations. This is also the most children-friendly tree. Children can easily touch it without feeling the common sting of the pine needles.

Nordman Fir: with very long needles of a deep, glossy green color, the Nordman Fir is not that suitable for being decorated by young children.

Scotch Pine: this tree has the longest needles of about 2-3 inches.

The Grand Fir is the best type of Christmas tree as it allows you to provide a rich backdrop of ornaments. The short and well structured needles are perfect for keeping your decorations, while the compact shape make it easy for you to deposit the gifts for your dad and other family members at its base.

Types of Trees

You can buy two main types of Christmas trees: pine and cedar. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and decoration tips for each one of them:


Here you have two choices. Eastern White pine features an elongated, conical shape, with a soft green needle color. On the other hand, the Virginia pine is loose and unstructured, featuring a dark green needle color. While the Eastern White pine is more suitable for large homes due to its bushy appearance, the Virginia pine is perfect for decorating smaller homes.


The Eastern Red cedar has a very slender cone, with medium green colored needle and an old-fashioned appeal. Offering a casual look and a great fragrance, the Eastern Red cedar is always a great alternative to the Eastern White pine. Cedar works best with country, folksy-inspired decorations.

Additional Tips

Now that you know the basics on choosing a Grand Fir Christmas tree, it is important to move a little forward and take into consideration other aspects on choosing Christmas trees.

Real or Fake?

The advantages of real Christmas trees are numerous, and include fragrance, originality, no chemical residue and recyclability. On the other hand, a fake tree is available in a wide range of colors and styles, enabling you to better match it to your interior décor. Moreover, it can be reused and is very easy to set up.

In the end, it is up to you to determine if you want to buy a real tree or you want to go with an artificial one. We strongly recommend you to buy a natural Grand fir Christmas tree for a flawless experience together with your family. Nothing beats the sensation to open up your gifts under a natural tree, with all that beautiful and the real decorations shining brightly and declaring that this is a day of supreme joy.


Store your fake Christmas tree in the basement. If you choose to get a real tree, remember that it can only stay inside for up to 10 days. If you live in a cold climate, dig a hole in your backyard and move it there. You might find it again next Christmas. Otherwise, throw it in the closest landfill.

Keep your Tree Healthy

Always leave at least 15 inches from the ceiling when placing the Christmas tree indoors. Once the tree is inside, water it every day with abundant water. You could also give it a fresh cut at the bottom in order to make it grow stronger. The fresh cut, which should not be deeper than one inch, will enable your tree to get in more water and enjoy a prolonged life.

Another way to keep your Christmas tree healthy is to remove the bottom branches so that your tree fits perfectly in the stand. Of course, you should remember to clean the stand with a diluted solution right before placing the tree in.


Choose a Grand Fir Christmas tree and celebrate one of the best periods of the year together with your family and your loved ones. The gifts you have purchased for your dad, for your boyfriend’s dad or for your girlfriend’s parents should find themselves a nice and cozy place under the natural tree.

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