Top Best Gifts for Dads this Christmas 2017


This year, celebrate Christmas together with your family and surprise your dad with a highly creative gift. During the winter season, your dad might be sulkier than usual. In order to help put a smile on his face, you can surprise him by discovering the top best gifts for dads this Christmas and by making sure you buy him something that he needs.

You see, not all dads are equal, and their needs vary greatly. In order to help you select the best gifts for your dad in 2017, we have put together a list of inspired gift suggestions perfect for men of all ages. Once you find a gift that you think will match your father’s needs, read the description and make sure it fits your father’s job position or hobby. If the gift is within your budget limit, there is no reason to neglect buying it now.

Let’s begin.

Top Best Gifts for Dads this Christmas 2017

1. Amazon Gift Cards

A thank you or merry x-mas gift card could be just what your dad wanted. If your dad shops on Amazon regularly and he is passionate about online shopping, then an Amazon gift card should be just what he needs. Regardless of his position in society or in the workplace, an Amazon gift card could make his Holidays brighter and could fill him with a new type of joy.

2. DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter ($$$$…)

Top best gift for your dad this christmas - DJI Phantom 4 QuadcopterConsidered by many one of the best drones of the moment, this flying gadget is definitely a truly expensive and risky gift. Only buy it if you can afford the under $1200 price tag, and only if your dad is truly passionate about technology and flying. Featuring auto takeoff and auto return programs, together with app monitoring and gimbal stabilization technology, this quadcopter could become the bridge between you and your dad and could help you spend meaningful hours together, experimenting with DJI Phantom 4.

3. Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter ($)

Top best gift for your dad this christmas - Syma S107/S107G R/C HelicopterIn case you can’t afford the DJI Phantom 4 drone, you can always buy a cheaper one. Some drones can even cost $30. Another option you have at your disposal is getting under $20 Syma helicopter. This ready-to-fly device can be tested the moment you take it out of the box. Because it is only suitable for indoor flying, you and your dad could have the time of your life even during a blizzard that ravages the trees outside. Sit comfortably in your home and play with this copter. The Syma helicopter is suitable for dads who spend most of their time at home working as freelancers or running their own businesses.

4. One Remote to Rule them All ($)

Top best gift for your dad this christmas-Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone AppOver 99% of men will immediately drop on the couch the moment they arrive home from work. Make it easy for your dad to enjoy his favorite TV show and to control everything around, including the sound system, Xbox One, Amazon Fire, smartphone and even laptop. This beautiful remote is excellent for men who spend a great deal of time at the office and want to save time when navigating through the plethora of technologies offered by our society.

5. Personal Pocket Safe ($)

Top best gift for your dad this christmas - Personal Pocket SafeThis is an amazing gift for corporate dads or computer geeks who have countless passwords and never seem to be able to remember them all. This personal pocket safe stores all passwords securely in 1 GB of storage. Being military-grade protected and encrypted, this device is practically uncrackable. Your dad can view the information inside on any computer, on all operating systems, but he needs to remember the master password.

6. Sphere Ice Ball Maker ($)

Top best gift for your dad this christmasAnother amazing top gift for dads who work at an office and want to capitalize on the unique benefits of technology. Help your father say goodbye to slow-melt ice cubes and lukewarm drinks. Thanks to this astounding technology, these ice bubbles offer a continual amount of ice. This is technology at its best.

7. Go-Anywhere Grill ($$)

Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill - Top best gift for your dad this christmasRegardless of his job position, this Christmas gift is just perfect for any dad who loves to take his family and spend a relaxing weekend in a remote location. Whether camping using an RV, going together in a large park or spending some quality time in the backyard, this go-anywhere grill is perfect for a delicious grill in any location. Despite its price under $170, this could make a great present for dads who love nature and prefer to spend time with their family exploring the outdoors instead of watching the latest Game of Thrones episode.

8. The Art of Fixing Things ($)

If your dad is a plumber, a mechanic, an electrician or any other type of home contractor, The Art of Fixing Things might be the best present you could offer him this Christmas. Quite inexpensive and amazingly insightful, this book offers insights on how to fix things in and around the house.

9. All-in-one Bartending Tool ($)

Bar10der Blue - Top best gift for your dad this christmasIf your dad is a bartender, let him bring his talent inside the house. This device is the ultimate cocktail companion, enabling your dad to mix perfect drinks and to surprise you all with his skill. This device includes 10 unique bartending tools: bottle opener, strainer, stirrer, corkscrew, knife, reamer, muddler, zester, jigger and channel knife.

10. Stainless Steel Wallet ($)

RFID Blocking Stewart/Stand Slim Stainless Steel Billfold WalletThis rugged wallet is perfect for businesspeople and entrepreneurs who respect themselves. This is the first ISO certified wallet that offers protection from ID and credit card theft. Being smooth to the touch and featuring a totally unique design, this wallet should be on the top of your present list this Christmas if your father is a CEO, manager, entrepreneur or business man.

11. Rechargeable Heated Insoles ($-$$)

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated InsoleUltimately, if your dad is a firefighter, a policeman, a roofer or he has any other job that requires him to spend time outside in the chilly cold, the Therma Cell rechargeable heated sole could prove invaluable, not just for his comfort but also for his health. Using high-tech wireless technology, these beautiful insoles can warm themselves through the signals sent through the remote control.


These are the top best gifts for your dads this Christmas. If you didn’t find a suitable gift in the list above, check out the list on the home page.


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