What to Get your Boyfriend’s Dad for Christmas 2017


Christmas is getting closer by the minute. If you have a boyfriend, and most of you reading this post can probably answer positively, you want to surprise his dad as much as you want to surprise your boyfriend. Getting under your boyfriend parents’ skin is something you must do in order to gain their trust and prove them that their precious boy is on good hands. One of the easiest ways to get under your boyfriend’s dad skin is to buy him a present this Christmas.

What to Get your Boyfriend’s Dad for Christmas 2017 – Things to Consider

Finding the right gift for your boyfriend’s parents and for his dad depend mainly on three aspects: their lifestyle and consequently their needs, the relationship you have with them and the relationship you have with your boyfriend. For instance, if you’ve never talked to your boyfriend’s dad, it might be difficult to know exactly what to buy him. Nevertheless, if you want to surprise him you could ask your boyfriend for guidance, or better talk directly with his mum if you get along with her.

In case you know your boyfriend’s parents well and you have talked with his dad at least twice, you could actually go personal and buy him something he will definitely enjoy. If you are unaware of his preferences and you are afraid to ask his wife or your boyfriend about present ideas, it is better to stick with something simpler.

To make things easier for you, I suggest that you buy your boyfriend’s dad a practical gift. You can’t go wrong with this. All you need for that is to know what he does for a living. For example, a marketer has different needs than an electrician or manager.

Below is a breakdown of the best gifts you can make your boyfriend’s dad this Christmas based on his job or vocation.

Your Boyfriend’s Dad is a Marketer

1. Purple Cow ($)

what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016-Purple CowThis is one of the best marketing books of all times. Seth Godin, the #1 marketer of the moment, teaches marketers how to stand out of the crowd and grow their companies by being truly remarkable. This inexpensive gift could make your boyfriend’s marketer dad fall in love with you, of course from a professional point of view.

2. Premium Access to His Favorite App

Now this is a tricky present. You need to dig deeper in order to discover what type of app your boyfriend’s dad uses on a regular basis. Some of the most popular apps used by modern marketers are Evernote, Hootsuite, SemRush, DropBox and Feedly Pro. Find out what apps he uses and buy him a full license for personal use.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones ($)

what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016 - Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling HeadphonesIf your boyfriend’s dad hates working under stressful conditions and can’t focus while others are talking, help him by buying him a new pair of high-quality noise cancelling headphones. If you can get over the high price, this gift could prove to be a lifesaver for your boyfriend’s dad, enabling him to focus better throughout the day.

4. Positive Thinking Shirt ($)

Life T-Shirt Men & Women - what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016Under $17 this beautiful t-shirt will make your boyfriend’s dad remain optimistic all throughout the day and never lose faith in his capacity to tackle unexpected situations. Refer best t-shirt more at here.

Your Boyfriend’s Dad is an Electrician

1. Black & Decker Drill ($)

what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016 - Matrix Cordless DrillThis beautiful cordless drill, which is not as expensive as you might think, can be extremely helpful for your boyfriend’s dad, helping him to easily tackle all those unexpected situations he might have to face during the day. This drill features plenty of power and might come in handy for an electrician all year round.

2. Beard Trimmer ($)

what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016 - Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100Who said electricians need to have a beard? Of course, while it is trendy to grow a beard nowadays, your boyfriend’s father is more than likely not a fan of the hipster trend. Help him to differentiate from other electricians by making a great first impression with a clean shave.

3. Safety Goggles ($)

what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016 - Safety GoggleThese anti-fog goggles could come in handy when the temperature inside is higher than the temperature outside. Your boyfriend’s dad will thank you for this gift and his eyes will be safer thanks to you.

Your Boyfriend’s Dad is a Manager

If your boyfriend’s dad is a manager, CEO or director, you should probably go with something inexpensive. He is used to receiving expensive gifts, and here I’m talking about gifts of over $1,000. I’m pretty sure you can’t afford to spend more than $100 on a gift in 2017,  so it’s better to stick to simple and meaningful gifts. This will make a great impression and will make your boyfriend’s dad remember you the next time he plans to hire a new secretary.

Here are some of the gifts you can make to surprise your boyfriend’s manager dad with in 2017.

1. 12-Slot Organizer ($)

Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer - what to get your boyfriend's for christmas 2016This is such a simple, yet effective gift, that your boyfriend’s dad might be taken aback by your sheer creativity. This versatile desk organizer could be perfect for a manager, enabling him to keep all the items in a perfect order.

2. DIY Shrinky Dink

Want to be totally unique? Do not spend a fortune, but spend your time creating a miniature version of your boyfriend’s dad. These miniature figures can stick to everything, including office furniture, glass or even ties. Your boyfriend’s dad might appreciate this gift more than anything else, because it is something created personally by you and not purchased online.

3. Deep Sea Sand Art

This is a truly unique gift you can make to your boyfriend’s manager dad. This decoration can be flipped upside down time and time again, creating a new design every single time. This beautiful piece of art is mesmerizing to the eye and could prove to be the best gift you’ve ever made to someone.


Depending on your boyfriend’s dad position, try to come up with unique gifts and ideas that should spike his interest in your person.  In case you want to get more amazing ideas on what to get your boyfriend’s dad for Christmas, you can look at the home page with good post “What To Get Your Dad for Christmas 2017″ and see if you can find a suitable gift that relates to his career position or hobby.

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