What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2017

What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2016

Probably the only thing harder for a guy than buying a gift for his girlfriend this Christmas is finding what to get her parents. The opinions of your girlfriend’s parents matter immensely in the grand scheme of things, and could prove detrimental to your relationship with her. Thus, it is imperative to make sure you make a great first impression (if you’ve never met them before) by ensuring you know what to get your girlfriend parents for Christmas. Even though you’ve already met them, making them the right gift this Christmas will cement your relationship and will make it more meaningful.

Whether you’ve been dating for just a couple of months or you have known each other for years, it is always a smart decision to pick the right type of gift for your parents. By making the right choice, you will not only gain their support, but you might also gain the appreciation and love of your future wife.

Without further ado, here is what to get your girlfriend’s parents for Christmas in 2017 based on their jobs and interests.

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What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2017 – Things to Consider

Your Girlfriend’s Parents Work at the Office

This is probably the most common type of job. Over 50% of all parents either work at an office or are freelancers. If her parents are spending most of their time at the office, you could come up with the following fun & useful gifts for them:

1. Kindle Reader ($)

What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2016 - Kindle, 6" E Ink DisplayThe latest Kindle reader from Amazon is simply amazing, and could prove to be an excellent Christmas present. If they work at the office and go to work using the Subway or by bus, they are probably spending their time browsing the Internet on their mobiles. Why not use that time to do something more meaningful, such as reading a good book on their own kindle? Even though these devices are quite pricey, you can buy them two so that each one has his own version of mini-library inside their pocket.

2. Spa Day for Two

If your girlfriend’s parents work at the office, they are probably dealing with regular backpains. Moreover, they have probably not visited a massage parlor for years. You can change that for them by offering them the opportunity to relax like never before. At around $30 you can find coupons for two at high-class massage parlors or a great spa center in the city.

Your Girlfriend’s Parents are Freelancers or Run their Own Business From Home

If that is the case, you should probably buy them something that makes their life easier at home. Accessories and vases are some of the best gifts for these parents.

1. Agatha Ceramic Vases ($)

What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2016 - Agatha Ceramic VasesThese beautiful ceramic vases can instantly liven up the décor of your parents’ home. Each one of these vases was intricately handmade, so one can’t but notice the detail put into creating each one of them.

2. Powerfresh Steam Mop ($)

Powerfresh Steam Mop - What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2016This beautiful mop features a modern design that enables it to reach down into tight spaces and small crevices. If your girlfriend’s parents are already spending most of their time at home, they need a proper tool for keeping the house sparkling clean. The Powerfresh mop comes with the additional option to accommodate special fragrance disks, making the house smell lovely. This is definitely a great gift for freelance parents, and is not that expensive at all.

Your Girlfriend’s Parents are Love to Travel

Regardless of the position they hold in a company, travelers hold a special place when it comes to presents. If you know for sure that your girlfriend’s parents love to travel and usually visit other countries or other continents, then you should probably try getting them one of the following gifts this Christmas:

1. GPS Navigator ($$)

GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps - What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2016Although expensive, this GPS navigator could prove invaluable during one of their safaris or when they get stuck in a small village in Eastern Europe. This Start GPS Navigator is one of the most advanced guidance devices you can find on the market. Why make your girlfriend’s parents use their smartphone GPS device and struggle to find internet connection when they can use the best device in navigation, without any additional costs? Buy them this gift and just take a look at the spark in their eyes.

2. 4-in-1 Lens from Olloclip

Lens for iPhoneThis must-have accessory for travelers enable your girlfriend’s parents to turn their iPhone built-in camera into a wide angle, macro lens camera that takes astounding photos. At only $70 this could be a gift they will be forever grateful.

Your Girlfriend’s Parents Love to Cook

If that is the case, you should definitely go with something that will make their life easier. Select an item from the list below that they do not have in their kitchen inventory and make sure you buy it this Christmas:

1. Cuisnart Stick Blender ($)

Watt Immersion Hand BlenderA beautiful and inexpensive hand blender that can make your future mother and father in law’s life much easier. Comfortable and easy to use, this blending stick can be used to blend anything from cold drinks and soups to creams and pudding.

2. Keurig Coffee Maker ($)

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker - What to Get your Girlfriend’s Parents for Christmas 2016A good coffee makes gives something more than just energy. This coffee maker made by the world-renowned Keurig brand is a complex machine that helps your girlfriend’s parents enjoy a complete coffee tasting experience in the morning. The accessories such as storage drawer, reusable filter and travel mug go hand in hand with the different brew sizes, easy button control and removable dip tray to offer an exquisite coffee brewing experience.


If your girlfriend’s parents work in other fields or have other hobbies, do not despair. You can find several other gift ideas on our home page. Even though they are ideas mainly for dads, some of the gifts you can purchase are also good for moms.

If you like, you could take a look on the list gift at good post “what to get your dad for christmas 2017″ and buy your girlfriend’s dad the right type of present for his needs, and then get his wife a nice flower bouquet. You can never go wrong with flowers, even during the cold season.

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